Lowriders Are Our Passion: Welcome to Lowrider Alley

Here at Neighbourhood Auto we not only work on cars for customers but we are also car enthusiasts and we love to build custom lowriders.

We have a passion for lowriders and have teamed up with some of the leading manufactures of lowrider parts and accessories to bring you HOOD CUSTOMS. Neighbourhood Auto is your one-stop cash and carry for hydraulics, wire wheels , white wall tires and custom paint supplies.

Lowrider Alley

We have been in partnership with Hoppo’s Hydraulics for almost ten years and are their official distributors in Western Canada.

We stock a variety of parts and can ship next day in most cases saving you time getting your ride back on the streets. And custom orders always available. Call us for pricing.


We also sell and distribute wire wheel rims and tires in a variety of combinations.

115 x 80 x 13’s and 175 x 70 x 14’s available now. Please call us to check stock or ask about specialty parts.

The History of THE LowrideR: From Cultural Phenomenon to Automotive Artistry

Originating in the Mexican-American communities of 1940s Los Angeles, lowriders emerged as a distinctive cultural expression. Initially, enthusiasts modified their cars to achieve a lower stance, reflecting pride in their heritage and defiance against social marginalization.

The iconic lowrider aesthetic evolved with hydraulic suspension systems, enabling cars to raise and lower at will. This innovation transformed lowriders into mobile works of art, captivating attention with their mesmerizing “hopping” movements.

Throughout the decades, the lowrider has navigated a complex cultural landscape. From facing stereotypes and legal challenges to gaining recognition as an integral part of American car culture, lowriders have endured and thrived.

The 1970s witnessed a surge in lowrider popularity, fueled by media exposure and an expanding community of enthusiasts. However, this period also brought heightened law enforcement scrutiny and negative stereotypes, associating lowriders with gang activity and delinquency.

Despite these challenges, the lowrider community persisted, celebrating their culture and creativity through car shows, cruises, and community events. Lowrider magazines and documentaries further amplified their impact, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship and passion behind each custom creation.

Today, lowriders continue to inspire awe and admiration worldwide. From their humble beginnings as symbols of cultural pride to their status as automotive icons, lowriders represent the enduring spirit of creativity, resilience, and community. With each custom paint job, hydraulic upgrade, and intricate detail, lowriders preserve a rich cultural heritage while pushing the boundaries of automotive artistry.