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A lot of companies won’t even touch the older convertible tops. We are always up for a challenge – everything from rebuilding the frames, new pads, cables – the full package. We understand what differentiates older model convertible tops from the new generation.

The technology has changed, and the problems are more complex, but our technicians haven’t been stumped yet. We never shy away from any kind of convertible job.

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Convertible Tops

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Convertible TOPS: Exploring the Array of OPTIONS

Convertibles are emblematic of both classic and contemporary automobiles, imbuing driving with a sense of liberation and panache. From traditional soft tops to cutting-edge hardtop designs, the convertible market offers an array of choices to cater to diverse tastes and needs.

Soft Tops: Crafted from durable materials like canvas or vinyl, soft tops epitomize the quintessential convertible roof. Their classic appeal, lightweight construction, and easy foldability make them a favorite among enthusiasts seeking open-air driving experiences.

Retractable Hardtops: Combining the solidity of a fixed roof with the versatility of a convertible, retractable hardtops present an optimal solution. These roofs, comprising multiple panels, seamlessly retract into the trunk with the push of a button, swiftly transitioning the car from coupe to convertible. Despite being heavier and more intricate than soft tops, they offer superior insulation against noise and weather conditions when closed.

Targa Tops: Renowned for their sporty allure, Targa tops feature a removable panel above the driver and passenger seats, affording a semi-open driving sensation. Providing the structural rigidity akin to coupes, they allow enthusiasts to bask in the sunshine and fresh air while maintaining an element of security.

Fixed-Roof Convertibles: Also referred to as coupe-convertibles or coupe-cabriolets, fixed-roof convertibles integrate a fixed roof with a large sliding or retractable sunroof. Unlike conventional convertibles, the roof structure remains intact even when the top is down, delivering enhanced security and weather protection. Renowned for their seamless transition between open and closed driving modes, they’re celebrated for their sleek and aerodynamic profiles.

Each convertible top variant offers a distinctive fusion of style, functionality, and driving pleasure. Whether drawn to the timeless allure of soft tops or the contemporary innovation of retractable hardtops, convertible enthusiasts are spoiled for choice. So, drop the top, relish the wind in your hair, and savor the exhilaration of open-air driving.


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